An exceptional export quality Colombian coffee. The smooth palate has delicious undertones of dark chocolate. These beans are roasted to perfection and well-suited to use as filter coffee, espresso, or espresso-based milky brews.

Brazilian/Ethiopian Blend

This is a blend of dark roast Ethiopian beans and medium roast Brazilian beans and is, on balance, a slightly darker roast overall. The choice to darken the Ethiopian beans was made to reduce the traditional acidity of this prime coffee, while the Brazilian beans were added to lend a soft, creamy body with a hint of nuttiness. This blend is ideally suited to filter and plunger brews.

Kenya Blue

Kenya AB beans have been used for this coffee. AB referring not to quality but to size, these beans typically measure between 6.2mm to 6.8mm long. As an acidic varietal, Kenya Blue has a fruitier flavour with a hint of caramel sweetness on the palate. More specifically, distinct notes of blackcurrant and berries can be discerned before finishing with a clean aftertaste.

Survival Coffee

Heading to the woods or up the mountains and haven’t quite mastered the art of backpacking with your espresso machine? No problem! Poke the Bear offers the same great coffee you would expect in a fresh brew as an instant option – just add water! In search of bears or need to rescue someone who has poked one? Our Survival Coffee will not only delight your taste buds but give you the necessary caffeine kick needed for your next adventure, without sacrificing the quality you know and love.